Luxury long-stay holiday in Greece

Would you like to buy a house or villa in Greece? You do not need to. Hotel White Donkey will give you a big discount for the low season period of April-May and October-November and also for the early spring winter period (January-March), even more than 30%. You will be very surprised how beautiful this southern part of Greece is, how green it is, how many possibilities it offers to you.

All proposals are made on a request basis and are subject to availability and length of your stay. Avoid stress from all paperworks, maintenance costs, and all risks that can reach thousands of euros per year. Spend this amount with us and join our family at our luxury hotel, just relax, enjoy delicious food. We will be very happy if you could help us with our animals, harvesting olives, working in the herb garden or other daily jobs that we need to do in our oasis, but do it only if you wish and when you wish; if you do not want, just stay in the hotel room, watch TV, go for sightseeing, feel the local atmosphere and relax. For more details about long-stay holiday do not hesitate to contact us.